806 Vapes (Vaperee) – Amarillo,Tx Vape Shop

806 Vapes (formerly Vaperee) has it’s humble beginnings inside the Facebook Group 806Vapes. Chris Goodwin started the group to bring the e-cigarette users of Amarillo, TX and the surrounding areas together. Chris was a longtime smoker who saw a path to healthier living via electronic cigarettes. Together with his family, he has taken the Amarillo vape scene by storm by providing the highest quality products at the best prices in town.

If you are looking for a home grown, welcoming vape shop, 806 Vapes is the place to go. We try to keep our atmosphere inviting and comfortable for newbies but we stock the advanced products that the veteran vapers love. Whether you need a starer kit or a hard hitting mech mod, 806 Vapes has you covered!