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At 806 Vapes (formerly Vaperee) we love to help our customers quit smoking. 806 Vapes (Vaperee) was founded from one man’s desire to live a healthier, smoke free lifestyle. We pass our passion for healthy living on to our customers by providing a wide range of e-cigarette products. Whether you need a powerful temp control box mod of a basic, entry level starter kit, 806 Vapes (Vaperee) can help you find what you’re looking for. 806 Vapes, your Amarillo vape shop.

They help you every way possible with prices, quality, and customer service.
Calvin W.
Chris and his crew have been so helpful, that I recommend 806 vapes to every vaper I encounter. No other shop in town or the 5 states I’ve visited have given me this same triple threat experience: friendly and knowledgeable employees, lowest prices, and absolute best juice line. 806 vapes has done more for me on my path to eliminating cigarettes than any person or store.
Justin T.
With every purchase you receive a reach-around. Why go anywhere else?
Dean J.
They know me by name and I always feel welcome!
Renee B.
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About 806 Ejuice

The PREMIUM 806 Ejuice line is made with extra care. We allow every single bottle at least three weeks before it ever reaches the shelves or the hands of the consumer. Each and every layer of these flavors has been created with extreme care and finesse. We do not have 100 flavors to choose from, because we wanted to focus all of our energy on perfecting these before moving on to others. Try some 806 Ejuice today, and you won’t be disappointed.